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Why have awards for the Drupal community? What purpose does this serve?

The Blue Drop Awards will create at least three positive opportunities for the Drupal community.

  1. It generates buzz outside the Drupal community. Many have expressed frustration that Drupal does not get the press and attention that it deserves considering the number of high-profile sites that use it. This event is one piece of the solution to that problem.
  2. It creates positive publicity for the nominees, finalists, and winners. The awards acknowledge a job well done within the community. Members of the community log a lot of thankless hours and the best work deserves recognition.
  3. It generates a showcase of award-winning Drupal projects. This will be helpful for people evaluating Drupal, looking for new ideas, or wondering the best ways to create Drupal sites by showing off the best of what Drupal has to offer.