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Whose idea was this?

Lots of people had this idea, actually. Check it out:
viksit: "I think the community would benefit a lot if the Drupal Dev team was to set up a Drupal Site Award, given out in various categories."
qgil: "Good for Drupal…and good for all of us"
robertDouglass: "This is a good idea."
kbahey: "I think is a great idea…I am for that idea for sure."
radiofreebc: "Cool idea!…we should be proud of what people are building with drupal."
mikerouse: "Love it…I'm all for this idea."
Amix: "Sounds like a great idea :)"
"My ultimate desire for this site is to help other people get publicity for their site, show what drupal can do, and ultimately be a show case of why drupal is chosen by so many great sites..."
Junro: "We should create a drupal awards…to award developers work. Lot of them past a big time of their life-time to help Drupal development."
SimonV: "That's a great idea…"
Can't really quote this one, it's in Swedish!

Most recently, a few guys at Volacci took the initiative to make this great idea a reality. To best incorporate the voice of the Drupal community, we're looking for volunteers to help us make this a community event. Interested? Visit the Volunteer Page.