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The State of Georgia’s migration of 49 sites from Vignette to Drupal 7 is one of the most ambitious projects attempted in the public sector in Drupal, and was done with resounding success. Georgia is the first large-scale state government migration to Drupal, built on a powerful multi-site platform, completed on time and on budget.

Gary Le Masson

Gary did a great job making his site look just like a Google search-results page. Very clever and unique (aside from the real Google of course). I'd like to see people do more like this; not necessary like Google, but similar to other popular sites.

Show Your Concern

Concern Worldwide is a leading international humanitarian organization dedicated to tackling poverty and suffering in the world’s poorest countries. The Show your Concern project is just one of many online fundraising projects that Concern runs. The website enables members of the public to register for events that are organized by Concern. They are provided with their own personal online fundraising pages, enabling them to simply and securely collect sponsorship money through the site, on behalf of Concern.

Events can be anything from trekking across Nepal, to climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, to

Arts for LA

Advocation for art education for the low income/underprivileged students.

iKnow Politics

Leveraging the translation capabilities available in Drupal 7, iKNOW Politics now has moderated discussions with approved comments that are simultaneously translated into the other languages, published and linked back to the original comment. Previously, staff managed comment translations offline- selecting comments to translate and then publishing them back to the group- manually.