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Websites built with Drupal 6.

Hurley Vascular Center/Men's Health

Hurley Medical Center is owned by the City of Flint, Michigan, a struggling midwest community. The efficiencies of the Drupal platform permitted Duo to be innovative in creating multiple websites, including the Men's Health site within highly constrained budgets. Yet no shortcuts had to be taken. No desired functionality was left out. The Drupal platform enabled Men's Health and all other Hurley sites to contain all the features from the client's wish list at virtually zero incremental cost. The site now serves and provides value to citizens of Flint, Genesee County and Central Michigan.


When working from home a home worker, freelancer or business owner can often become isolated and your business can become stagnant due to lack of resources, funds and sharing of skills that comes naturally in a work environment.

iHubbub provides a place where our members can mix socially, share their skills, learn new skills and know that they are not alone. iHubbub brings together like-minded homeworkers to share in their experiences and maximise the opportunities for networking, which is critical to growing a home business.

The Crossings at Fox Run

108 degrees created a site that was appealing to the eye, unique to the brand and still neutral enough to handle the upcoming logo/brand redesign scheduled for January 2013. (Note that provided screens shots are from the original release site. The live site shows the new logo and colors updated in Jan/Feb 2013). The client response has been so well received, we are currently building a third site for another location managed by KeyPoint Partners.

For our team, client satisfaction is paramount.

Catherine Zerba, REALTOR

As a personal site for the Real Estate industry, this site goes above and beyond what most Real Estate agents seek. It brings out the most important aspects of outbound marketing, with social integration and usability that encourages the owner to update the content frequently.

Most importantly, since implementing this site, Catherine's business has grown and seen real results.