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Seek or Shout

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Cision, a leading provider of PR software tools, came to Isovera looking to develop an innovative, enterprise-scale social online collaboration community for content creators such as journalists, bloggers, freelancers and PR industry members.

Ultimately, Isovera was able to create a site that met all of Cision’s requirements and expectations. On Seek or Shout, users can create profiles linked with other social networks that can follow other users based on taxonomy terms or by selection of a user. The search feature pulls up a dynamic feed that shows users various types of relevant content from all over the web. Users can Seek, sending out a message to the community of followers and those following the Seek terms that produces a new level of collaboration, networking and dynamic collection of information. Once content is written, content creators can promote it instantly with the Shout feature, again sending their content to all following users and all users following the terms of the Shout, which creates a social environment of feedback and comments on each article. In addition, Seek or Shout is built to the enterprise scale, comprising nearly 400,000 nodes at launch – powerful enough to engage an enormous audience and scalable with any number of users.

Isovera and Cision turned the Seek or Shout project into a success with all of Cision’s goals either met or exceeded. With Isovera’s expertise and the adaptability and power of Drupal, Seek or Shout has become a world-class social collaboration site for journalists, writers, PR professionals and more.

Launch or Publication Date 
Monday, April 2, 2012
Key Modules, Theme, and Distribution Used 
Drupal Commons Rules Content Profile Activity Log
Why these Modules, Theme, and Distribution were Chosen 

Seek or Shout is a social collaboration site that allows users to search for content, Seek out feedback, content or related products and Shout to promote their own content. To create these features, Isovera used the content profile module, the activity log module and the rules module. The content profile module allowed Isovera to add fields to our users objects (which overcame a problem with Drupal Common’s Organic Groups module suite). This was important to get the Seek and Shout features to work properly and get the collaboration right.

Drupal Commons comes with the activity log module which allowed Isovera to create streams of user activity and related content critical for the social features that our client Cision wanted. Finally, the rules module was used with much modification to respond to user activity and generate activity log entries dependent on user relationships, interest tags and other criteria. This allowed the Seek and Shout features to automatically show up for users based on whether one user was following another, a certain user’s interests or other features. Ultimately, these modules were critical to the site’s success.
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Isovera combines top-tier Drupal expertise with over a decade of working with forward-thinking organizations. We offer Drupal development, training, and support to high-profile clients like MIT, Yale, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). The team at Isovera specializes in thoughtfully taking the most strategic and efficient approach that will serve our clients for both short-term and long-term. The power and flexibility of Drupal allows us to be able to consistently deliver with that methodology with creative results - on time and on budget.
Why Drupal Was Chosen 
Cision looked to create a world-class social collaboration site with Seek or Shout and ,with Isovera, decided that Drupal would be the best solution. Drupal was chosen for this project because of the ability to easily create social features and interaction between users across the site and its adaptability in creating many complex features that don’t come out of the box. Jay Krall at Cision writes: In preparation for developing Seek or Shout, we evaluated a variety of proprietary and open-source software frameworks that are commonly used for building community sites. We had a fairly complex set of requirements that included integration with text analytics services, social site APIs and our internal databases, along with granular email notification preferences and even a paywall that only triggers on certain types of private messages… The proprietary frameworks we looked at would have required us to write much more of the functionality from scratch, which easily could have tripled the cost of the project as compared to working with Drupal. After discussion with the Isovera team it became clear that Drupal could meet and exceed Cision’s requirements and expectations. The next question was which Drupal distribution to use. Initially, Isovera debated on whether to use Drupal Commons or the standard Drupal distribution. Drupal Commons eventually won out because of the ability to use the content profile module to create dynamic user objects necessary for a social site. Because of the ability to implement activity streams based on user relationships, customize analytics and database frameworks and overall adaptability Drupal proved to be a success for Seek or Shout.
Describe the Project (Goals, Requirements, and Outcome) 

In creating Seek or Shout (, Cision came to Isovera with the goal of creating an enterprise-scale world class social web site that would change the way content creators network, research and promote their material. The site was marketed towards writers, producers, bloggers, journalists and PR staff. Cision wanted a site that would:

  • Allow content creators to create profiles linked by terms of interest and allow users to link to each other by following
  • Use a dynamic faceted search feature to pull articles, resources and products from the web through a feed
  • Allow users to send out messages to the community for feedback, collaboration, networking and commentary with the Seek feature
  • Dynamically linking Seek or Shout to other social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Allowing users to immediately promote their content towards all other interest users linked either by certain terms of interest or by followers with the Shout feature
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Additional developers