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Clever Tower

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Brief Overview 

CleverTower is a better way for landlords and property management firms to manage their tenants. It gives buildings their own online space, letting tenants communicate, suggest ideas, submit expenses and pay their rent. It also gives landlords the ability to track their tenants, manage maintenance workflow, advertise vacancies and provide a better experience. A full list of features is available.

Launch or Publication Date 
Wednesday, August 22, 2012
Clever Tower
Key Modules, Theme, and Distribution Used 
Views geolocation MailChimp Mandrill FBOAuth Session API Organic groups Multiupload Filefield Widget Chaos tool suite (ctools) Profile2 RealName Date Twitter's Bootstrap
Why these Modules, Theme, and Distribution were Chosen 

1. User-friendly. To differentiate CleverTower from existing providers, it had to be as user-friendly as possible. -Twitter's Bootstrap was chosen as a base theme, with a custom sub-theme filling in the gaps. -Geolocation was used to improve the way users register their properties. Instead of filling out an address form, they can use the Google Maps interface to quickly locate their property. -Session API was used to let anonymous users search for their property, before logging in. We think this is a critical set to retention, as about 33% of visitors search for their property before registering. The integration with CTools for the form wizard is also very useful! -Advertising listings is very image heavy. The Multiupload Filefield Widget takes advantage of HTML5 to more photos at a time. -Date Module for the datepicker popup is very plug and play. -FBOauth is hands down the best Facebook connect module for Drupal 7. Very easy to get started. -Mail Chimp and Mandrill vastly improve the Drupal mailing system. It's a great way to easy improve your emails with images, formatting, and many more professional features. 2. Personable. CleverTower also had to make users feel like they were part of a community. -RealName let users feel more in tune with the site. -Profile2 helped segment a user's profile into multiple sections, namely Public, Privacy, Administrative. This allows for better navigation than simply grouping all options. 3. Private and secure. Due to the private nature of the information, access to nodes must be restricted to only trusted people. Organic Groups was used for approving/removing memberships in a clear manner, along with the OG Views submodule bundled along with it. 4. Developed quickly. Chaos Tool Suite was used not only for exportables, but also for its form wizard feature. This was critical in taking our registration form and funnelling users into their proper group (landlord or tenant). 5. Standardized view. Views was used to help standardize views and output. 6. Modern. Thank you, Drupal 7!

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Clever Tower
Development Company 
Clever Tower
Why Drupal Was Chosen 
Drupal was chosen to minimize the time to launch. As a new team, it's very useful to learn by example, using existing modules rather than developing a new solutions to established problems. Drupal was particularly useful in providing a guide for integration with external APIs, like MailChimp or Google Maps. More importantly, Drupal allows a small team to get the benefit of a larger community, who can independently contribute to existing modules. Likewise, CleverTower is proud to contribute patches and give back!
Type of Nomination 
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