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This website looks great on mobile devices!
Brief Overview 

Voltimum is the leading portal website for the electrical industry operating in 13 different countries from Australia to Brazil with focus on Western Europe. Voltimum has been using a custom portal framework for its websites but decided to migrate to Drupal 7 / CiviCRM beginning of 2012. After a year of specifications and developments, the first 3 portals (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) have been migrated to the new platform beginning of the year. All remaining sites will follow suit throughout the year.

Launch or Publication Date 
Wednesday, January 16, 2013
Key Modules, Theme, and Distribution Used 
The modules bringing most business value are: Omega theme, Apache SOLR with facets and autocomplete, CiviCRM with Webform for CiviCRM, Geolocation, CDN, Feeds, LDAP, SMTP Authentication support, Taxonomy tracking, Migration
Why these Modules, Theme, and Distribution were Chosen 

Omega theme / combined with Twitter's bootstrap
To achieve a good user experience also for mobile users, Voltimum implemented a responsive design. Being a sub-theme of Omega, Voltimum's theme takes advantage of Omega's flexibility and extends it by implementing selected Bootstrap styles and features.

Apache SOLR with facets and autocomplete
The complete navigation of the Voltimum portal is relying on / backed by Apache SOLR and its facets. This allows Voltimum's various portal managers to create a flexible navigation depending on local needs. Furthermore, it allows users to filter by facets on many overview pages.

CiviCRM integrates very well with Drupal. The standard Civi modules membership, contribution, and events are used. However, the biggest value derived from CiviCRM integration comes from CiviMail (extended by a custom module "autologin"; used for all of Voltimum's 500,000 newsletters per month) and the flexibility CiviCRM provides with custom fields and profiles. These features permit a constant and ongoing user qualification process.

SMTP Authentication support
It is a fundamental module when running Drupal in the cloud. Voltimum uses sendgrid for its email and newsletter infrastructure and this module enabled us to use sendgrid's subuser API.

Voltimum is using this module to store geo-coordinates for news (if relevant). This is very interesting for industry news and case studies. It is currently only implemented in the backend to allow the collection of data but will be activated front-end wise as soon as there is enough data.

Voltimum operates 13 country portals all over the world, from Australia to Brazil with focus on Western Europe. The sites are hosted on Amazon Web Services in Ireland but all static content is distributed by Amazon's CDN network.

Feeds module is used for aggregating different data sources from partners.

With the migration towards Drupal 7, Voltimum also introduced a central authentication system based on OpenLDAP. The LDAP module gives all employees automatically an account in every portal simplifying operations. It also enhances security in case of people leaving the company.

Taxonomy tracking
This is a custom module that tracks all taxonomy terms of a page of every logged-in page view. A cronjob aggregates these values and assigns them to the respective users in CiviCRM.

One of the most important modules during migration phase. We migrate up to 80,000 users and 150,000+ entities per country (in total 13 countries).

Owner's Name 
Voltimum S.A.
Development Company 
Why Drupal Was Chosen 
Drupal was chosen because it offers a flexible content management system. The contributed modules are a real time and money saver and the ready-to-go integration of CiviCRM is outstanding. Drupal's concept of taxonomies allowed us to implement our user intelligence system that combines classical CRM with data science.
Describe the Project (Goals, Requirements, and Outcome) 


Voltimum's old portal was based on a custom portal framework implemented back in 2002. Although actively maintained, Voltimum has never been able to implement all desired features due to cost and time reasons. 
A migration to another CMS had long been postponed due to the complex structure of Voltimum and its partners:
  • Partners: Up to 30 different content partners per country contribute to the portals.
  • Content: Voltimum's content is not only shown on its own website but also displayed in 3rd party websites like wholesale- and contractor's websites.
  • E-Catalogue: Voltimum's e-catalogue is hosting more than 500,000 products. Catalogues are delivered in 20+ different formats.
Targets and achievements of the migration
  • website needs to work on mobile devices, achieved by implementing responsive design, during the first months we could increase mobile page views by almost 25%
  • improve search engine results, by using SOLR the search engine follows best practices (facets, autocomplete) and delivers much more relevant results. 
  • better user experience
    • by introducing 2 new navigation dimensions (besides navigation by content type): content by brand and content by topic. This concept is realized with taxonomy tagging and permits an extensive user qualification.
    • Solr is also used to leverage the general navigation experience by offering facets on many overview pages.
  • greater security for data collected by Voltimum and more efficient operations by using integrated processes; 2 examples:
    • formerly the weekly newsletter was sent in a separate tool. Thus, every week the marketing executive needed to download the complete user list from the portal and to upload it into the tool. By using CiviMail, Voltimum now can send the newsletters directly out of the portal without media break. This way, the downloaded file is no longer at risk to be copied.
    • CiviMember is used for the subscription process allowing us to manage this process automatically.
  • better ways to qualify users
    A centralized CRM system combined with targeted data caption enables Voltimum to secure its business model.
Today, Voltimum has already migrated 3 out of 13 portals. The remaining portals will be migrated to this new platform throughout 2013.
Portals running Drupal 7 already are:


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