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Brief Overview 

A includes everything required for DNA analysis of a saliva sample and for accessing your test results. and are the new portals for these Personal Genomics Services (PGS).

The results and diagnostic reports are accessible from home through a secured web frontend:

  • huge amount of information
  • in a usable form
  • searchable
  • up to date
  • way better than diagnostic reports printed on paper
Launch or Publication Date 
Saturday, February 2, 2013
Gene Card Browser showing result for hemochromatosis.
Key Modules, Theme, and Distribution Used 
Adaptive Theme, Apache Solr Multilingual, Commerce, Display Suite, Entity Translation, Features, HealthVault Connect, Internationalization, Media, Views
Why these Modules, Theme, and Distribution were Chosen 

To be honest, we expected fewer problems when we started this project. But it turned out that internationalization is still a big issue in drupal 7.
Nevertheless we decided to keep going and to help the community to solve some of these issues. We spent a lot of time in testing and contributing patches to modules like Entity Translation, Internationalization, Apache Solr Search Integration, Commerce, Entity Construction Kit, Display Suite, Social Share Privacy, Book Translation and many more.

Additionally we contributed and activly maintain Apache Solr Multilingual and HealthVault Connect especially for the launch of and

On the other hand drupal core, Adaptive Theme, Display Suite, Views and other modules are so powerful and save a lot of time - time you can spend on the rough edges described above ;-)

Owner's Name 
bio.logis Center for Human Genetics
Development Company 
bio.logis GmbH
Why Drupal Was Chosen 
In the past drupal has already proven its quality in different parts of bio.logis' IT infrastructure as Markus described in a session back in 2011 "More than CMS - Drupal and Biotechnology" ( So it was reasonable to keep on building the new websites on this highly customizable CMS.
Describe the Project (Goals, Requirements, and Outcome) 

bio.logis Center for Human Genetics is located in Frankfurt, Germany. It is an ambulatory clinical institute. By offering a comprehensive spectrum of genetic analyses bio.logis participates in patient care. Patients also consult bio.logis with genetic problems or they are referred by their physicians. Genetic counseling is a major part of bio.logis´ services and is performed by expert clinical geneticists.

In 2011 bio.logis launched Personal Genomics Services (PGS) - genetic diagnosis 2.0. A includes everything required for DNA analysis of a saliva sample and for accessing your test results. These boxes are sold to patients directly by physicians and pharmacists in Germany. The results were accessible from home through a Drupal-6-based secured web frontend. bio.logis considered this as the only solution for delivering such a huge amount of information in a usable and searchable way. Compared to plain old diagnostic reports printed on paper that information can be kept up to date.

In 2012 a project was started to provide PGS internationally with the following goals:

  • Patients should be able to order the boxes directly through a new localizable online shop, or be guided to local partners nearby.
  • All the information about PGS should be accessible on different devices
  • It should be possible for patients to create a demo account to let them get a good idea of what to expect from the product before making a purchase.
  • Provide a publicly accessible version of the pharma.sensor, a tool to find out which genes affect efficacy and tolerance of medicines in general (The version that takes the patient's individual analysis result into account is part of the paid product).
  • Build a connection to Microsoft® HealthVault™ to let patients upload their diagnostic reports to their electronic health record.
  • Replace custom drupal 6 modules by drupal 7 standard ones.

Other than the fact that the responsive design is not completely finished yet, all goals have been achieved, and the German site has been launched February 2013. The English site has been launched later in March 2013. The Dutch site is soon to follow.

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Additional developers 

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