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Richland Library

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This website looks great on mobile devices!
Brief Overview 

From "Miami Vice" to modern, hip and clean, Richland Library's website underwent a total overhaul, surfacing as a beautiful, easy to navigate and content-rich site. Large navigation areas divide the site into Check It Out, Research It and Download It areas, providing easy access to each type of item the library offers. Using Drupal allows us to quickly and easily add modules for everything from the most popular check-outs of 2012 to the newest releases of 2013.

In order to enable librarians to proactively reach out to customers, we developed Contributed Content. Authors post articles on their area of expertise and associate the library's many holdings, showcasing images of the materials in visually striking displays. These posts publicize upcoming events, announce new books or list award-winning movies.

Customers have been thrilled with the new look of the website. We continue to work daily to develop even better features for the user.

Launch or Publication Date 
Monday, December 3, 2012
Richland Library Job Center
Key Modules, Theme, and Distribution Used 
Amazon API, Drupal Commerce, eBooks Search, Evanced Events Importer, Rules. We developed a custom theme, responsively designed to look great on all devices in both landscape and portrait modes.
Why these Modules, Theme, and Distribution were Chosen 

The Amazon API allows staff to contribute content to the site and visually associate it with materials in the library's collection. They can link an event (a reading from a local author) and that author’s book in the catalog, or a list of Academy Award winning movies, all by the ISBN or UPC. In the finished post, the Amazon API module allows us to display cover image, title, author, description, and more. We can also link directly to the item in the catalog (a totally separate system) so that the customer can locate the book in the collection and check it out.

Development partner Isovera used Drupal Commerce, along with a number of secondary modules and rules tied to our Integrated Library System, to develop an online payment option, allowing customers to pay library fines securely via the Drupal site. This is something that in most traditional libraries must still be done at a physical library branch.

We developed the eBooks Search module for our site, then contributed it back to the community. It allows our library customers to search our downloadable eBooks collections from multiple vendors (3M and Overdrive) simultaneously and get direct links into those systems to download the eBooks of their choice.

The Evanced Events Importer module brings events in as Drupal nodes and eliminates the need for a disparate interface on a secondary site. In this sense, it performs a similar function that the Feeds module usually performs, but is catered particularly to the Evanced event system used by many public libraries.

Rules is used heavily on the site for scheduling staff reports, updating URL aliases based on the selections that our contributors make on the node form, and for the creation of customer Drupal accounts based on authentication against our Integrated Library System.

We believe that this collection of modules, along with many others that are a part of the site (some custom and some contributed) make for a very engaging, informative, and entertaining user interface for our library customers. We strive every day to ensure that our web presence is a useful tool that brings information to the consumer in an efficient and exciting way.


Owner's Name 
Richland Library
Development Company 
Cyberwoven is known in Columbia, SC as a developer with great design and user interface skills. Some of their well-known Drupal sites include, and
Why Drupal Was Chosen 
Richland Library chose Drupal to build a new website based on several factors: we love that it's open source and plays nicely with search engines. Many other libraries use Drupal, creating a large family from which to draw support. Finally, library staff was already familiar with Drupal, allowing a more seamless transition for contributors.
Describe the Project (Goals, Requirements, and Outcome) 


In developing a brand new site, Richland Library sought to build a beautiful, sturdy site on which customers could easily access all the library has to offer. Specific goals were as follows:

1) create a stable platform on which to build in the future,

2) provide easy, accessible, discoverable interactions between librarians and their customers, and

3) encourage customer feedback from any page.


1) externally hosted

2) stable

3) cost effective to build and maintain

4) scalable (at least 12 up-and-coming projects to add on)

5) easily maintained by only two developers and two content specialists.


We achieved our goals. Besides delivering a beautiful, easily-navigable, stable site, we have empowered staff to publicize the library's resources in a new, fresh, fun way. Of the library's 200 full-time librarians, 100 of them are contributing content, with over new 300 posts since December 3, 2012. Daily, staff members are finding new ways to showcase the library's events and information within their own areas of expertise - timely information that would have never risen to the top before.

Additionally, customers are finding us more easily as a result of our search-engine optimization efforts, especially customers using long-tail search terms.


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Additional developers