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Roots and Wings

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Drupal Version 
This website looks great on mobile devices!
Brief Overview 

For the last half of a century, honorable governments agencies, NFPs, and NGOS have worked to fight poverty by empowering populations through education. In the last decade, the social enterprise and impact investing movement has transitioned the focus in the battle against poverty towards creating job opportunities. The Roots and Wings solution to this problem is to end poverty with a two-pronged approach that combines the best of best of both of these strategies and that addresses both education and economic opportunity simultaneously. Roots and Wings is pioneering a new model which addresses domains of childhood, neighborhood, and livelihood - a laboratory experiment which will yield results and best practices that will be helpful for all groups focused on poverty alleviation.

Launch or Publication Date 
Wednesday, September 12, 2012
Key Modules, Theme, and Distribution Used 
DOOR3 built the project on Drupal 7, and it is hosted and distributed via Pressflow 7 and hosted by Pantheon. It uses the Best Mobile theme and the following modules: Colorbox Field Slideshow SmartCrop Image crop ImageField Focus Insert Context Views Views Slideshow Menu Block MailChimp Scheduler Google Analytics Donate Address Field Pay Authorize.Net
Why these Modules, Theme, and Distribution were Chosen 

The modules chosen were integral to delivering all of the requested functionality and supporting the mobile-focused design. The client needed simple, bulletproof image posting and display solutions that would look good without user-editing to allow for updates from the field. The client also needed simple, user-managed donation forms. DOOR3 did not create new modules; our best-practice methodology promotes using modules that are well-maintained by the community wherever possible, and this project did not require any such customization. While there are no new modules, we created needed patches for Donate, and Address Field to complete the Drupal 7 functionality.

Owner's Name 
Roots and Wings
Development Company 
DOOR3 Business Applications, Inc.
With nearly a decade serving both Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike, DOOR3 is a leading Drupal design and development firm headquartered in New York City with an office in London, UK. Our portfolio includes dozens of Drupal projects including social networking and community sites, e-commerce sites, mobile sites, intranets, complex CMS migration projects, and both B2C and B2B marketing sites.
Why Drupal Was Chosen 
DOOR3 recommended Drupal for this project because it has great “out of the box” support for requested features and great integration with outside services such as payment services, newsletter services and CRM.
Describe the Project (Goals, Requirements, and Outcome) 

Perhaps what most noteworthy about this project is that we were able to support an incredibly fast deadline for deployment and meet an aggressive budget by being swift and efficient. The site leverages tablet-focused responsive design and enables staff to post from the field using mobile devices. The site also has light-weigh pages so it's usable even in low bandwidth regions. And, simple donation setup allows self management with minimal technical knowledge. In a nutshell, the site is extremely easy to use by the audience and administrators alike, and it is affordable and easy to maintain.

Type of Nomination 
Additional developers 

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