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Fanzee is built on Drupal 6. I chose 6 instead of 7 because at the time many of the modules were not yet ready for 7 and people recommended I stick with 6. I have recently built another site with Drupal 7 though (, and I do like 7 as well as 6.

This site is using 72 modules currently.

Some of the main features of the site, and some of the things members can do are:

Members can 'join' and 'un-join' celebrity fanclubs This is powered by the Flag and Rules module, together with Organic Groups.

Members can 'like' content which will show up on their profile page Also works through Flag, but with Views displaying the likes on the profiles.

Customisable Top 5 fanclubs on profiles Flags combined with Flag Weights means that the order in which fanclubs are displayed is customisable. Otherwise the default sorting would create a list based on the time it was flagged, which is not ideal.

An integrated discussion board (forum) This is using Advanced Forum module.

Activity stream for each user, and sitewide Powered by Facebook Style Statuses.

Other features include:

Customisable user profiles with name, location, bio and other fields Userpoints which accrue upon interaction with the site Member profile badges based off their userpoints Ability for members to upload photos to each fanclub Members can create and participate in quizzes Ability for members to add pages (articles) to each fanclub Ability for members can add weblinks to fanclubs Members can 'fan' other users, which comes up on each member's profiles User commenting on content, such as fanclubs, photos, videos, pages and weblinks New videos are added for each fanclub automatically from YouTube once a week Celebrity news is updated automatically from Google News every 1-3 days, depending on celebrity Most of this site (90%) was built in a month, but I have been adding content, tweaking and improving it for many months since. I still have some ideas which I will want to add to the site as well.

So, basically I want to say that I have found Drupal to be a robust script and fun to work with, though with a slight learning curve. I have learned a lot about the power of Drupal from this first project.

Launch or Publication Date 
Friday, February 8, 2013
Key Modules, Theme, and Distribution Used 
Organic groups Views Flag Rules ImageCache Views Gallery Feeds
Why these Modules, Theme, and Distribution were Chosen 

The most important modules for my needs were: Organic Groups, Views, Flag, Rules, ImageCache, Views Gallery and Feeds.

Owner's Name 
Lindsay Tseng
Development Company 
Lindsay Tseng
Why Drupal Was Chosen 
This was my first Drupal website, and I am quite pleased with how versatile and functional Drupal and its user contributed modules are, so I would like to share a bit about how it can be used for a more interactive type site. I was quite surprised that someone with no Drupal experience, and very little coding knowledge, can create such a complex site with out-of-the-box modules, and have it done in under a month.
Describe the Project (Goals, Requirements, and Outcome) 


This was not my first attempt at creating a celebrity fanclub network. A few years ago I requested a quote on Elance for a Fanpop clone ( is a high traffic site centered around fanclubs), and hired an Indian development company who were to custom code the script. After 6 months of frustration, the project was finished to a degree (was working, but very rough around the edges), and cost me a bit over $4,000. So, at least it was fairly cheap.

After a couple weeks of being live (with no promotion and very little traffic), the site was hacked. By then, I had had enough and did not trust the code nor the development company. So I binned it all. Felt like such a waste of time, and of course money.

Now because I don't know how to code, I decided to look for an off-the-shelf script that could do what I wanted. The main contenders were phpFox and Social Engine. In the end, I settled on Social Engine. After buying the script, plus addons, and setting it up, I had a secure working site.

But the problem with Social Engine (at the time, not sure about now) was that the 'Groups' functionality was not very mature, and quite basic. My main focus of the site was to be 'fanclubs' so this proved an issue. In the end, the lack of a proper scalable photo gallery within each group, plus the fact that there was no easy way to prevent spammers or remove them once there (Social Engine did not have a way to remove all posts by a spammer without having to go through a convoluted method involving running SQL queries directly to the database) made me stop using it. This was at least 1.5 years ago, it might hopefully be improved by now.

I then had a brief flirtation with BuddyPress and WordPress, but hit similar issues with the 'groups' function, and finally decided to give Drupal a go.

I had avoided Drupal at first because it seems so complicated, but with the very helpful tutorials from I was able to stumble my way around the admin section and some basic modules.

After a month of playing around, long nights reading the Drupal forums, and much trial and error, I finally had the site that I wanted.

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Additional developers