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Best Entertainment Website

FEARnet shocases horror, thriller, and suspense films and videos, trailers, and shorts content. News is released daily and covers all areas of the horror (and other related) genres.

Basel has put together a very clean yet stylish site that has done a great job of including many of their finest attractions. It looks very professional and stands above others similar to it in the industry.

Fanzee is built on Drupal 6. I chose 6 instead of 7 because at the time many of the modules were not yet ready for 7 and people recommended I stick with 6. I have recently built another site with Drupal 7 though (, and I do like 7 as well as 6.

This site is using 72 modules currently.

Some of the main features of the site, and some of the things members...

There were numerous entertainment sites focused on movies, but there was no movie-centric aggregator when I started this project two years ago. Digg killed its movie section with its infamous redesign, and Reddit's movie section was dominated by top ten lists and link baiting articles.

I was inspired to fill this space with Movies with Butter after reading an article on how...

The Cowles Center for Dance and the Performing Arts is the Twin Cities' newest arts center and the flagship for dance in region.

We designed and built a vibrant site for this young, active organization. The site features an easy-to-administer performance calendar, rich imagery and multimedia possibilities, and a great deal of flexibility—vital for a growing institution.

Very visual-based site that is very aesthetically pleasing and cluster-free. Breaks free from standard/traditional sites. is our transmedia co-production that brings to life mighty medieval fortifications and the epic sieges they resist: clashes that defy the limits of military technology, turn empires to dust, and transform mortals into legends. Battle Castle demonstates how basic Drupal functionality can be used to create advanced page designs.