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MIT Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)

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Drupal Version 
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Brief Overview 

The Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) Department is the largest department at MIT. EECS produces top-level engineers, educators, and technical leaders in almost all fields of technology and computer science - robotics, cell phones, bioengineering, nanotechnology, and more.

Launch or Publication Date 
Wednesday, June 6, 2012
Key Modules, Theme, and Distribution Used 
The key modules used were the Shibboleth Authentication module, the Draggable Views module, and the views Infinite Scroll module. It used a Drupal 7 core distribution and a custom theme.
Why these Modules, Theme, and Distribution were Chosen 

The Shibboleth Authentication module was used to blend the EECS website seemlessly with MIT's login system so that student, faculty, and staff at MIT could login, without creating an account, and post/share content. The Views Infinite Scroll module was used to allow an endless scrolling of custom "cards" on the homepage, and Draggable Views module allowed teh MIT EECS staff to easily structure content throughout the site into custom orders. A custom theme was developed to facilitate a completely responsive design.

Owner's Name 
MIT Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Development Company 
Genuine Interactive
Genuine Interactive is a digital agency that provides digital strategy, web design and development, mobile, social media, analytics, and innovative technology services to engage audiences across all digital channels. The independent full service agency is known for successfully combining business goals and engagement strategies to create game-changing digital experiences for its clients. Genuine Interactive is based in Boston, Mass. For more information, visit
Why Drupal Was Chosen 
MIT EECS was looking to replace their old site with a fresh, forward-thinking site that showcased their innovations, inventions, and creative spirit. They wanted a system that was smart, adaptable, responsive, and followed the spirit of MIT EECS. Drupal was the perfect choice.
Describe the Project (Goals, Requirements, and Outcome) 

MIT EECS was looking to replace its old site with a fresh, forward-thinking site that showcased their innovation, inventions, and creative spirit. Genuine Interactive was chosen as their agency to lead the design and development. Genuine designed the new site to be responsive so it can adapt to any device so the site's content can be consumed anywhere. 

The MIT EECS site was ultimately able to show off all its students' and faculty's great thinking and easily visualize the activity going on within EECS, while being responsive. 

Type of Nomination 
Additional developers