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I'm Ready!

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Brief Overview 

The Peter G. Peterson Foundation’s mission is to increase public awareness of the nature and urgency of key fiscal challenges threatening America's future and to accelerate action on them. To address these challenges successfully, they work to bring Americans together to find and implement sensible, long-term solutions that transcend age, party lines and ideological divides in order to achieve real results. The I'm Ready! video project is designed to fulfill both those objectives. This new project allows for members of the community to upload videos and help spread the word about the national debt issue. The citizen videos will demonstrate to our elected officials the need to fix it.

Launch or Publication Date 
Tuesday, January 1, 2013
Key Modules, Theme, and Distribution Used 
For this site, we used the following modules with a custom theme and standard Drupal distribution: Panels Views Colorbox FiveStar Rules custom theme created from scratch featuring icon fonts HTML5 and CSS3
Why these Modules, Theme, and Distribution were Chosen 


DOOR3 used a custom Kaltura integration for video upload and recording, to allow users to use their computer cameras to immediate record and upload directly the site for submission. 



Video submissions was one of the key features of the site.  Using this method (Drupal with the custom Kaltura integration), we avoided the need to build a module from scratch at potentially significant time and expense.

Owner's Name 
Peter J. Peterson Foundation
Development Company 
DOOR3 Business Applications, Inc.
With nearly a decade serving both Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike, DOOR3 is a leading Drupal design and development firm headquartered in New York City with an office in London, UK. Our portfolio includes dozens of Drupal projects including social networking and community sites, e-commerce sites, mobile sites, intranets, complex CMS migration projects, and both B2C and B2B marketing sites.
Why Drupal Was Chosen 
Drupal was selected for this project as it served as the ideal platform to meet requirements including: form submissions, out of the box workflow, autofire emails, a ranking system and an approachable and flexible single point of integration.
Describe the Project (Goals, Requirements, and Outcome) 


Success! The project is noteworthy for its fantastic cause as well as that it allows users to record video from site itself, and every piece of information is completely editable within the Drupal interface.

Type of Nomination 
Additional developers